Thursday, August 11, 2011

Texturing A Medieval House Video Added

Sorry for the long delay. I created a video to complete the tutorial. It's not perfect, and the audio seems to lag as it goes on, but that's the best I've got. You'll get the idea. Ask specific questions here or on
(BA screen name: 3DMedieval)

Texturing a Medieval House Video Blog Post
Texturing a Medieval house on Youtube (larger video)

The video is available in 720p, full screen. So, good resolution, delayed but clear audio. Sorry.


  1. Hi, I found this tutorial pretty helpful. I'm also interested to find out how you go about doing ambient occlusion for your maps/models. Any chance of making a tutorial for that? Thanks :)

  2. I'm pretty busy at the moment, and I have to admit that I've really slacked off on keeping up with some tutorials. I will put it on my to do list right now. It's very simple. I'll try to get on it maybe today. Thanks!